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Why Heartwood Home Inspections?

Image by Jakob Owens

We want everyone to be safe and sound in their home.  We will inspect the property as if our own family were going to be living there.  Whether you have children now, are planning on having them, or will have visitors with them, we consider how things that might not seem dangerous to adults can be to a child.

True Care

Pile Of Books
Image by Michael Longmire

True Passion

I'm someone who can't help but continuously strive to learn and grow.  I bring this passion for knowledge to my home inspection skills and am always expanding them.  I participate in regular training and continued education not just because I feel it's a professional responsibility, but because I love it.

True Attention to Detail

While a home inspection is not technically exhaustive and is visual only, I want to do the best job possible for every client.  My inherent, sometimes obsessive, attention to detail helps me look for things that might otherwise be missed!

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